Dialogue Forums

The Council brings together its membership in-person every 6-9 months to facilitate conversations on current challenges, trends, practices, and standards, providing an opportunity for fund managers to share experiences, learn from each other and network in an informal, intimate setting.

Upcoming Meetings

The CMEF will hold its next Council meeting October 28, 2013 in London, UK. 

As we get closer to the event, Council members will receive ongoing updates including further information on logistics, planned events, and preparatory reading materials.

Past Meetings

Past CMEF meetings have been held in the following locations:

  • April 2013: Lima, Peru (Grupo ACP)
  • October 2012: Boston, USA (CMEF)
  • April 2012: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Triple Jump)
  • October 2011: San Jose, Costa Rica (Omtrix)

  • March 2011: Delhi, India (Lok Capital and Caspian Advisors)

  • October 2010: Washington, D.C. (Center for Financial Inclusion)

  • February 2010: Antwerp, Belgium (Incofin)

  • May 2009: Washington, D.C. (ACCION Global Investments)

  • September 2008: Geneva, Switzerland (responsAbility)

  • May 2008: Québec City, Canada (Desjardins)

  • October 2007: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Triodos)

  • February 2007: New York (Deutsche Bank)

  • Fall 2006: London, UK (Citi Microfinance)

  • Spring 2006: San Jose, Costa Rica (Omtrix)

  • Spring 2005: Chicago (Opportunity International)

  • Fall 2004: London, UK (ShoreCap)

  • Spring 2004: New York (Soros)

  • Fall 2003: Amersfoot, The Netherlands (Oikocredit)

  • Spring 2003: Washington, D.C. (ACCION International)